Max about postponed Grands Prix: 'Just have to accept it'

Published on 20 March 2020 by Stefan Meens

Despite the opening seven rounds of the 202 Formula 1 season being cancelled or postponed, Max Verstappen took the time to reflect, with Ziggo Sport's Peptalk, on a remarkable few weeks.

First, the Dutchman looked back on when he heard the news of the Australian GP's cancellation. “On Thursday evening, I spoke Lando Norris who told me one of their mechanics tested positive. From that moment, you know it’s going to be a different story. I spoke a lot with Christian (Horner) but it really was a case of wait and see. They had a meeting in the evening but that didn’t provide much clarity. The intention was to drive on Friday, but things changed quickly in the morning.”

The question that has been asked a lot is, should Formula 1 ave travelled to Australia. “A couple of days before we flew, not much was happening. But the situation got worse by the hour.”

Did Max want to race? “These decisions are always made as a team. Of course, I always want to drive but you have to be aware what happens around you in the paddock. We couldn’t and we weren’t allowed to drive so you just have to accept and move on. We’re still developing the car so hopefully this will give us more time to be as competitive as possible.”

Despite the uncertainty of when the Grand Prix season will start, Max is still busy racing, online. “You race in different cars and it keeps you focussed. Of course it’s fun to race against a lot of other drivers.”

Not every real-world racer is as competive online; some find the switch to a virtual cockpit more challenging. “I think you need to drive a lot but you also need to know what you’re doing set-up wise. And not everyone puts in the time.”

What about the Formula 1 E-sports championship? “I’m not racing in that one. I haven’t played that game so by the time you’re comfortable with it, a few days will have passed. At the moment, I’m busy with other games and I don’t want to keep switching; it just doesn’t work."