Jos Verstappen on remainder season: 'Races coming where we can really perform'

Published on 09 September 2019 by Kees-Jan Koster

Max Verstappen finished the Italian Grand Prix in eight position. From the last row on the grid the Dutchman moved forward, but an early pitstop and a hard to overtake Sergio Pérez allowed for a maximum score of four points. In the tv programme Peptalk on Ziggo father Jos Verstappen looks back on the race weekend of his son in Monza.

How did Jos experience the start, at which Max suffered damage on his front wing? “That kills you”, says Jos. “You see Max take it easy and maybe that is a bit part of it. He wanted to dodge the cars in front of him, but just hit them. Max could not go anywhere. He started braking two hundred meters before the turn, but in the middle of the turn the field almost stopped. He did not expect that and that is why he just hit them.”

Then Max flipped the switch, as father Jos noticed: “You could see that. He went in for new tyres and a new front wing. His lap times after that were as quick as the men in front. He did not give up, and that also showed that it is going in the right direction with the car, especially on a circuit that is hard for us. That is why I think it looks good for the remainder of the season.”

Closer to the end of the race in Italy Max was stuck behind Sergio Pérez, who partly because the high top speed of the Racing Point could stay in front of the Dutchman. Jos explains: “First of all the Racing Points are always very fast on the straights. In addition there was something that prevented Max from having the required top speed. That will be fixed for next race.”

Ferrari had good speed all weekend in Monza. It did not come as a surprise for the former Formula 1 driver: “It was as expected. The race before the summer break, Ferrari was in third and fourth position, they came short. The circuits in Belgium and Italy are as if they are made for the Ferraris, especially with the current high top speed. But the next race in Singapore looks very promising for us. It went well for us last year too.”

Jos also expects Aston Martin Red Bull racing to compete for race victories: “I think we will have to change another engine this year, so we can have a great race in Suzuka. In addition we have Mexico, where Max always performs well, America and Brazil. There are some races coming were can really perform.”