Video: Manufacturing Max' race suit

Published on 23 August 2019 by Stefan Meens

Formula 1 is known for its ever-evolving safety measures. Apart from the obvious safety developments in circuit design, helmets and safety devices such as the HANS-system and the introduction of the HALO, race suits play an important part in keeping the drivers safe.

That is why Mobil 1 The Grid travelled to Italy to speak to Maurizio Sicco, who has been responsible for Puma’s race suits  over the last few decades. Safety and weight are among the highest priorities when it comes to suit design.

Compared to the race suits that Max’s father, Jos, wore during his time in F1, the younger Verstappen explains that weight is the biggest difference. “My dad’s suits were quite a bit heavier. But throughout the years, they’ve managed to make them lighter as well has having safer, fire protective suits.”

For more insight and details about how Max’ Puma race suit is manufactured, check out the video below.